Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tool #9

1. I don't think technology ties into all curriculum, but when you can use it you get wonderful outcomes. The importance of incorporating technology into curriculum is that of moving forward in the 21st century. We need to show our students there is more than one way to produce an outcome. If, at the elementary level, we give them the foundation of for technology and teach them how intergrate it into their learning, then when they move on they will be able to incorporate it on their own later.

2.Students should be held accountable for stations/centers because they are showing that they can handle working independently and with other students. Centers/Stations are a way for students to learn on their own and through peer learning. At the end of the day they can show what they have learned. if students can't work independently than we as teacher haven't done our job in facilitating their learning.

3.Learning Games for Kids (IXL)- This site has w ay to track progrees and print reports which is a very good way to hold the stdeunts accoutnable when working on them. It is also a "fun" way to practice and reinforce concepts already taught.
Odyssey- is a program that I really like to use. It has all content areas and I can assign the activities, which always have a quiz and report at the end of the lesson. I think the lessons are challenging in the sense that the students really have to apply themsleves and their learning.

4. States and Capitals Challenge App-This would be rgeat when we are learning all the states and their capitals. The students could this app to learn the states and capitals, but also review them once they ahve learned them.
K12 Timed Reading Practice- Help kids with their reading fluency using short passages that are timed

For the reading passage they woudl ahve to turn in their time. the states and capitals would show their accountability by doing well on the test.

5. Whe we when do our 5th grade program at the end of the year, we used the ipads as a teleprompter. The MC's used them to read their speeches from.

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