Monday, January 16, 2012

Tool #6

VoiceThread: I think this is a really cool way for kids to learn or teach others. They could use it for social studies. They could choose a picture from history and make up a story based on what they have learned from the time period. They could become one of the people from the picture and tell the story from that perspective. It would be a good use for younger students and struggling older children in the area of writing. It can help with story mapping, fluency and flow of story writing. If they tell the story orally then they could write it and embellish as needed. Some children are better story tellers orally. Children could choose a math problem to solve, or in science they could take turns teaching about a concept- ie. Photosynthesis. For whatever reason, I wasn't able to get vioce to play back for me. So not sure if it will work with the voice or not.

Skype: I use Skype with my children at home at least twice a month to talk to my brother stationed at Del Mar Marine Base. When he was in Okinawa, we Skyped once a week. I have several stusents who have just moved overseas and one that moved to Arkansas. So, I was hoping to be able to Skype with them this year. Hopefully we can find out if in the Southern Hemisphere do shadows go from west north to east or do they go south instead of north. if not, I will find out that answer when I get to Africa this summer!

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  1. I think Voicethread is a fabulous tool as well! You have some great ideas for uses in the classroom! We are looking into a district pilot for Voicethread Edu this fall! I think it goes really well with History Alive!

    You must think about keeping a blog of your adventures in Africa! I would love to read about your experiences!