Friday, January 20, 2012

Tool #11

1. My favorite tool is probably Skype. The thought of being able to connect with another class or teacher half way across the world is really cool and what an experience for the students. I just need to find a country tat doesn't have such opposite hours as us.

2.My views haven't changed much because I am already using technology in the classroom. The one thing that I do want to use more is the google apps for their paper writing. Using Google apps for their writing is probably the biggest change I have had. I am such a Word docs person that I will have to change this thinking because I can access my docs on google anytime and anywhere.

3.There really weren't any new outcomes. Most of the activities I used or tried before. There were some activities that didn't work when I tried them before, but coming back to them and trying again made me want to use them.


  1. Congratulations .....aesthetics first...I love everything about the lay-out of your blog...font, colors, background,and postings...VERY professional...a VERY artistic and sophisticated eye! Secondly, for someone who might occasionally give mini-dissertations on the merits of technology...or the lack have proven a STELLAR TOOLER!

  2. The thought of being able to have a real-time conversation with another classroom halfway around the world is so exciting. Many classrooms have found that due to time differences they have to create and share videos via a blog or wiki. Thinking you could start out by asking questions of one another on a Google Doc and then each classroom could create videos to demonstrate the response (when needed) - for example, what does your classroom look like, your school, your town, etc. Hope you have found some blogs to follow and continue to learn and grow! In addition, hoping you decide to share what's going on in your classroom with others! Sounds like you have a lot worth sharing!

  3. I'm also loving Skype and think we could make some really great connections I've ordered a few webcams, which will be easy to just plug into your computer and then use your Activboard for projection. Plus you already have speakers that way. Let me know how I can help!