Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tool #10

1.Safety- Stressing the importance of safety when using the web! Teaching and instilling in them that they should NEVER give out personal information to any website or person on the web. Do not get into talk with anyone you don't know either. My students of course are 5th graders, so this is of high importance for me to share with them.

Etiquette- So many times and email or posting can come across the wrong way even though it was not meant to be ugly. Teaching students proper web etiquette will help them to be polite and not get into a situation where something posted hurt another students feelings. I think this would be the easiest to teach and share. No body wants their feelings hurt.

2.I am a fan of Atomic learning, so I would use the Digital Citizenship - touching on netiquette (84039) lesson from there to help teach my students about proper digital citizenship.

3.As for my lesson, I would have the librarian co-teach it with me. Based on these five things, It would take about 5 weeks to complete. We would address each of the topics above using Brainpop. The lessons are really good. After each lesson we could have the students go and practice proper computer usage.

4. I might have the students make a flip video about the topics and share them during Back to School night while I have the parents here. kind of like a how to be a good digital citizen video.

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